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Suppliers of Italian fashion clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, fashion accessories, lingerie, beachwear, linens, sunglasses,knitwear and fabrics

Where to find wholesale "Made in Italy" fashion, directly from the companies

Wholesale Factories, Brands & Suppliers of Italian Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Jewelry, Linens

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The ItalianModa Marketplace offers an one-stop place where you can find, select and get in touch with selected Italian Manufacturers or Suppliers offering the best in Italian Fashions. All the services deployed at ItalianModa are usually for Free.

If you are a boutique, a retail store, a retail chain, a wholesaler, a fashion distributor, a fashion company or a quality department store, ItalianModa is a terrific tool to help you find the right Italian partners to import sought-after high quality Italian fashion merchandise or to require a Private Label manufacturing service. Leveraging the ItalianModa marketplace and streamlining the traditional distribution channels, now you can purchase directly from the Italian manufacturers, saving tons of money and time. Get Italian quality at lower prices!

If you are interested in representing an Italian fashion company or opening a new shop joining an Italian Franchising Programme (like the ItalianModa Franchise opportunity), this is your right place too: learn more about Distributorship and Franchising.

Learn more about the ItalianModa Marketplace through the ItalianModa FAQs.

First time here? Read our More about "Getting Started with ItalianModa" ...

In case you are a manufacturing company interested in selling to Italian importers, this is not your right place. Please visit this special section, otherwise any of your actions will be lost.

If you are a consumer interested in quality Italian fashions we regret that most but all Italian companies do not sell to consumers. Anyway, you can find your nearest retail shop selling amazing fashion products from the manufacturers joining the ItalianModa marketplace. Click here for your next shopping experience! More, you can even find some online fashion Outlets where you can purchase single items at very attractive prices: visit the ItalianModa fashion outlets section now!



As you know Italy is the homeland of culture, good living and style. Because of the superior quality, design and craftmanship, the Italian fashion products are really sought-after and extremely appreciated and well-sold everywhere.

Such products are really different from anything else you can find on the market and they really lead the way for style and quality. Because of these reasons they are also the most counterfeited merchandise on the market (but read about the revolutionary TRUE ITALY Tag to learn how to get authentic Italian products along with a personal and verifiable guarantee for each consumer)!

Italian products are more and more exclusive products, targeted at style- and quality-conscious buyers. But the truly exclusive fashion merchandise is not coming from the most popular designer brands. Everyone can find them everywhere (and most often you find knock-offs, not the real thing!), making such products globally and easily available to everybody.

A large number of less popular Italian brands and companies definitely offer much higher quality products, in a huge variety of terrific styles and models, at reasonable prices. A huge variety of authentic Italian fashion products being really exclusive because sold in low quantities at specialty stores only.

Consumers want quality fashion products that others cannot find. Unique products making them really "special people". You can help them finding something really special, because you can source direct from an unprecedented range of selected Italian suppliers that your competitors usually cannot reach!

These Italian fashion products are not mass-produced and they do not originate from child or underpaid labor or from environment-deadly manufacturing. This comes for a price, but a reasonable price when you consider the style, the quality and the socially-correct origin of the Italian products. Anyway, if you are looking for - say - handbags or shoes priced at a few US dollars, the ItalianModa Marketplace cannot help your business.

If you are a retail shop sourcing from Italian companies joining the ItalianModa marketplace you may be interested in getting listed in the "Shops for Consumers" section. You will benefit from more exposure and more consumers visiting you to buy Italian fashion products. Ask your Italian supplier to get listed (for free)!

Please always remember ...

  • here you find Italian fashion companies only
  • ItalianModa helps you to find selected Italian manufacturers
  • the service is completely for Free to buyers
  • Italian fashion products come for a price: ItalianModa is NOT the right place for cheap or ultra-cheap merchandise
  • Italian fashion products are sought-after and selling them can improve dramatically your business
  • use English (or Italian!) when contacting the suppliers
  • companies usually charge for samples (and shipping)
  • orders must be paid in advance of delivery
  • most but all Italian companies do not dropship
  • if you are not serious about doing business with Italian suppliers at such conditions please do not contact them
  • any abuse will bring to black listing and perpetual banning from the ItalianModa marketplace
  • if you want to sell this is not the right place: click here instead
  • if you are a consumer please visit "Retail shops for consumers"

Beware of Cheap Prices!

If you are looking for cheap fashion products available for few US dollars (or just a few tens in case of high quality footwear, handbags, and suits), ItalianModa and the Italian fashion companies cannot help you.

  • Do you qualify for Italian fashion products? Check it now!
  • If low-priced or cheap products are offered to you as of Italian origin, beware! Unless they are real (old) closeouts, they are most likely counterfeits or items produced elsewhere.
  • There is no way to have genuine Italian fashion products as cheap as the products manufactured in other countries, because of different labor conditions, regulations, and investments in quality and style.
  • Beware of the so-called "Italian sounding"! Products manufactured elsewhere are often labelled with Italian names, flags or monuments.
  • If a "Made in Italy" label is attached to the product but it comes at a cheap price, this means either it is a counterfeit or has been made somewhere in Italy by foreigners exploiting illegal and underpaid workers.
  • Purchasing counterfeits or improbable "Italian" products helps criminality and the illegal market, as well as unfair competition based upon the exploitation of manpower and no-rules business. More, it diverts precious resources from new investments in the real Italian fashion style and quality. This could be the end of the Italian fashion as you know it!
  • Such low-priced products are made from poor and unsafe materials, and often using dangerous manufacturing processes. All of this can seriously jeopardize the health of your customers.

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Over 50 years experience in designing and supplying top quality leather handbags targeted to mid-high markets thanks to their outstanding style and craftsmanship features.

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Jacquard and printed promotional silk ties, and other neckwear. Neckties for corporate gifting, clubs, associations, and museums

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ASPELL Accessori Moda

Producer of genuine leather belts of high quality, wide selection of classic, vintage and fashion models, both for men and women entirely Made in Italy realized by local qualified personnel. Private label products are available.

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Manufacturer of a large assortment of casual women's wear designed along trendy styles. Fashion clothes, such as skirts, t-shirts, trousers, blouses, tops and dresses, for girls and women 15-40 years old. Private Label available

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Manufacturer of high quality dress shoes for men, entirely made in Italy by local artisans. All the leather shoes are made from the finest materials and accessories, in classic and elegant models. Private Label available

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Distributor of high quality leather shoes for men, in a large assortment of classic and casual models, including dress shoes and sneakers. All footwear is entirely made in Italy, making using of quality materials and accessories. Experienced with Private Label service

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Wholesaler of a huge range of leather handbags in a large variety of models, styles and colors. Shoulder bags, clutches, and shopping bags, but also business briefcases and sturdy travel bags

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Manufacturer of low-cost leather handbags in a large selection of classic and fashion models, styles and colors

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